Name: Alicia
Age: 26
Location: Georgia, USA
Current mood:

I'm primarily a textile artist, n I've been making/selling clothes for 7-ish years. For reasons that only make sense to the enlightned and fashionable, my chosen canvas/medium is... jeans and pants. Reworking and upcycling jeans is the only way my soul is able to communicate with the world. Of course I make and upcyle all sorts of things, but there's simply nothing more inspiring than a plain pair of pants. I've sold a sizeable amount of upcycled jeans to people all around the world, somehow. (yea idk how I managed to pull that off) Which means, potentially, there are people walking around with my name on their bums all over the world. (bc my label is always sewn onto the left back pocket) You're in their DMs, I'm literally ON their ass. We are NOT THE SAME!!!
Creating websites has been a hobby of mine for about as long as I've had an internet connection. This website was created after driving myself beyond insane attempting to code my online storefront from scratch. As it turns out, maintaining the delicate balance between "responsive, accessible, functional" and "not basic or fugly" is neither easy nor chill. At least not for someone whose understanding of web design didn't go very far beyond basic HTML/CSS. Even though I *still* haven't finished creating my main website, I'm glad it lead me here so I can finally share my poopy fart website ideas with the world wide web. I hope you enjoy your visit!
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