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  • Main image on the left side of the homepage is by the artist Moyoco Anno
  • The lil hand with a cam was edited by me, using stock photos and this online dithering tool that I absolutely LOVE and use regularly.
  • Art by me on the "Jeansgurl's art" + "e-oracle" pages. look but do not touch please :^)
  • Each of the CD cases on the Mix CD page were created by me
  • Many of the GUI screencaps I use are from GUIdebook, a wonderful (and extensive!) archive of GUIs
  • Some faux windows pop-ups (like this header img)were made using this window generator

    dynamic drive Status Cafe dannarchy
    an unsorted collection of (mostly) sozai sites & other graphic resource sites i got graphics from.

    links 2 some of my dearest friend's websites! these are mostly online shops w sick handmade clothes + art. i made each of these buttons 4 them... more will be added soon
    my neocities mutuals, in no particular order ٩( ᐖ )人( ᐛ )و
    some of my favorite sites, in no particular order...!
    unorganized list of my favorite inactve/archived sites
      UPDATE LOG (significant updates/changes)
      Latest Update:
    • 6-08-2024 added new buttons 2 buttonwall, fixing webring box on homepage
    • 5-31-2024 is now!!! swag. major slay. did some minor fixes + updates sitewide
    • 5-29-2024 added new pages: e-oracle + a gallery of the oracle deck. yay! updated links on homepage & sitemap
    • 5-24-2024 due to the closure of, i created a new guestbook from & transferred all previous messages onto it. added 20+ new thriftpix to thriftpix page. updated links & other misc minor maintenance sitewide.
    • 3-16-2024 joined "women of the internet" webring. added imood and to front page. added misc graphics all around site. fixed more font issues. added more easter eggs around site. added more buttons to friends/favorites tab. deleted a few pages, but will redo and reupload some. currently working on reorganizing a few pages, organizing the site in general.
    • 2-28-2024 added new page: museum "gift shop", split old guestbook page into two pages: guestbook and clubhouse. added ANOTHER new 88x31 button!
    • 2-20-2024 added a cbox/guestbook page. joined a few pixel clubs + added new misc graphics all around site. made a new 88x31 button
    • 2-17-2024 added new pages: gallery of my art, and a sitemap
    • 2-15-2024 major update of "site info" page, major debugging, fixed font issues
    • 2-13-2024 officially put site online. happy birthday
    • debugging + optimization (the eternal struggle of a clueless webmistress):
      • fix fonts sitewide
      • work on making site more responsive (not for mobile tho F y'all fr)
    • "site info" page to-do:
      • make 88x31 buttons for my friends non-neocities sites + add to "faves" tab
      • add + fill more categories in the "resources" page
      • sort, eventually
    • other misc. page updates n stuff:
      • finish + upload more museum galleries
      • finish + upload museum gift shop
      • rewrite the info box on the "polyvore" page, she deserves better
      • add more clothes to the "polyvore" page, it's so fun
      • add a second page of playlists
      • add cbox or guestbook somewhere on site, maybe on "site info" page?
    • new pages to make:
      • sitemap
      • gallery of my art
      • more shrines of sites on the "graveyard" page, namely girlsense and meez
      • blog???
        • DIYs...craft + sewing tutorials??? d-i-why not?
        • documenting + following along the process of projects

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