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Welcome to The Jeansgurl Museum of Internet Art!
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About the Museum of Internet Art
warning: eye strain, flashing images, image-heavy pages

A curated gallery of my favorite graphics I've hoarded collected while surfing the web. A large portion of these graphics have been taken from archived personal Geocities and Angelfire sites, and because of that I'm unsure who created many of these graphics. I've tried my best to credit as many artists as possible, on my credits page. Please note that this is not intended to be a graphic resource, and does not function like one. Many of the images have been collaged together to reduce the amount of individual images on the page. However, all images featured in this gallery are unedited! (or have very very minimal edits, such as mirroring/rotating, minor color adjustments, etc.)

Many of these graphics have been found on these sites:
jossie1951's fotki(an insanely extensive archive of dollz and graphics btw. it's not super well organized & kinda hard to navigate, bc the folders aren't always properly named. but omg, check this one out for real.)
bonibel's graphic collection
peachie's collection (archived)
jan's graphics
.:The Doll Zone:.

frames on this page are from newhillanimations

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